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End of the Year Thoughts

I have been terribly neglectful as of late, I have been launching my Aldi fan blog which while somewhat easy to write, is oddly time-consuming and requires me to actually leave the house, grocery shop and take pictures in the grocery store. All of this grocery shopping has also meant an uptick in cooking and recipe posts over at Coconut & Lime which is a very time-consuming job.

Anyway! I have been reading the usual average of a book a day or so but haven’t had much time to write about them. I have to thank the Enoch Pratt Public Library for having the adult summer reading program which really got me back into reading and into libraries on a regular basis. Although, I admit I do mostly request books and do zero browsing. Perhaps if my branch had a parking lot and was more conveniently located, I would. At least I boost their circulation!

I’ve read 71 books since I started tracking on 9/26/17 and gave up on 16 books that I read anywhere from about 10%-40% of. Not too shabby. You can read my spreadsheet here if you are interested, it is pretty typical (and does include my thoughts about each book) but I added “food annoyances” and “food observations” columns because I am who I am. I think I am going to start a new spreadsheet for 2018 so I can track for the whole year. I’ve never tracked my reading beyond the summer reading programs of my childhood and then this past summer so that’s something.

It is nice to get back in the habit of reading again after I stopped going to my favorite library (near where my parents and Grandpop lived), I slacked off a lot because I am too cheap to buy books. Netgalley and the library have helped a lot! I’ve even suggested some Kindle books to the library and they have bought them.

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