End of 2019



I did not keep my 2019 goal of updating this blog regularly but then it wasn’t ever updated regularly anyway, at least not since I was doing the adult summer reading program back in 2017. Which, by the way, I won that year and both years since. The problem is that I read a lot and tend to move on to the next book before I really have time to write about it. I have kept notes for each book read in my spreadsheet though, something that I had fallen behind on last year.

Mostly, I think my new goal will be to write about books that really struck me, good or bad. Unfortunately, I think books that I really dislike for some reason (like Enough which was a mix of pure fabrication and bitterness) stick with me more than books I like. I give up reading books that I am not enjoying mercilessly (outside of ones I finish out of morbid curiosity) and I generally am not a person who falls in love with a book so I don’t have that missionary enthusiasm to get everyone to read it. I remember all of the books I’ve read going back decades but I think my impulse to really explore a book lately has been for ones I find infuriating, unfortunately. I’m not sure if that makes for a good book blog. I’m really writing this for my own amusement when it comes down to it.

I didn’t have any real numbers goals for 2019 but I am a bit behind last year. There is still time left in this month though! Memoir is my most read genre this year (a little over 16% ), a little over 40 books between straight memoirs, memoir graphic novels, memoir cookbooks and memoirs in essay form. Next up is Mystery (about 15% or a little over 19% if you add in YA Mysteries which maybe I should? That would bump it up to most read) then General Fiction (about 13%)  which I would like to parse out a bit more. I did create a genre for “Domestic Drama” where it isn’t quite a suspense novel or a real murder mystery but rather some shenanigans afoot in the cul-de-sac. I also read some graphic novels this year (2%), a lot of cookbooks (more than I counted since I was a judge for the 2019 IACP Cookbook Awards and read around 65 cover-to-cover–maybe I should have counted them too? I counted the wordiest ones), some more non-mystery young adult book (about 8%, same as cookbooks) and re-read some children’s books. I’m actually puzzled how I read so many young adult books this year because I really didn’t feel like I read many. I guess 8% isn’t actually that many books. It’s been a rough six months or so and I think I’ve tried to mix in some “easier” books to the shuffle to give myself a break.

Let’s see how many books I can finish before we have our NYE movie night. This year’s theme is games so if you have any suggestions on what to watch or songs that involve games, I’d appreciate it. Or “game” food. Right now I’m thinking duck and bridge mix.

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