unnamedI’m totally literate, I promise. Normally I post recipes over at my recipe blog Coconut & Lime (as I have been doing since… wait for it…2004) and I have written and published several cookbooks but I actually read a lot more than I cook. I’m a super fast reader and can read a book a day and when I am really bored or can’t sleep, three. I love seeing my Kindle go from  7.6 hrs average reading time for a book to calculating my personal reading time as 1.3 hrs. Technology is magical.

I mostly read e-books I get from Netgalley, the Amazon Prime free book of the month, the Amazon lending library or whatever it is called now, or if it is on sale for $2 or less. I will splash out for some books I’m really excited about and pre-order and pay full price but it pains me to do so. I finally signed up for a library card in the city I actually live in so I have been reading some books from there too. I’ve been requesting all the books on my wishlist I have been too cheap to buy. It is weird reading actual physical books again.

I mostly read books about a. food b. mysteries/true crime c. memoirs d. “literary” fiction and e.  “woman’s” fiction. I do not read a. fantasy b. sci-fi  or c. most historical fiction that takes place pre-1960. Anyway! I thought I could share all of my pithy literary thoughts with you, dear reader. You’ll thank me later, I’m sure.