unnamedI’m totally literate, I promise. Some of you may know me from my recipe blog or from one of the cookbooks I’ve written but I actually read a lot more than I cook. I’m a super-fast reader and can read a book a day and when I am really bored or can’t sleep, three. I love seeing my Kindle (Oasis, that I love very much) go from  7.6 hrs average reading time for a book to calculating my personal reading time as 1.3 hrs. Technology is magical.

I mostly read e-books I get from my local library, Netgalley, the Amazon Prime free book of the month, the Amazon Prime Reading or whatever it is called now, or if it is on sale for $2 or less. I will splash out for some books I’m really excited about and pay full price but it pains me to do so. I read physical books from the library when absolutely necessary and never in bed after I found a crushed Cheeto in one.

I mostly read books about a. food b. mysteries/true crime c. memoirs d. “literary” fiction and e. “woman’s” fiction or preferably some mashup of a-e. I do not read a. fantasy b. sci-fi or c. most historical fiction that takes place pre-1960.

I keep a very, very up-to-date spreadsheet of what books I read and if you are nice, I will email you a link to it.  If history is any indication, posting here will, in fact, be quite sporadic and much like my Yelp review history, only when I feel very strongly about something. I do actually keep up with that spreadsheet.

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