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The Hidden Girl: A Novel by Louise Millar


The Hidden Girl was a creepy mystery. A quirky and slightly mismatched couple moves from London to a big house in rural England for a fresh start. They’d like to adopt and eventually set up a music studio in an outbuilding for the husband. When they arrive the house needs much more work than they realized and they need to turn it around quite quickly as the social worker for the adoption will be there in two weeks for a final interview. Unfortunately, the husband, Will, still has to go to London for work. It is a 4-hour daily commute so she is alone a lot and even more so when a freak snow storm hits leaving Hannah alone in the big house full of rooms she doesn’t have keys for, little food and a furnace that goes out. Luckily she has friendly neighbors willing to help her out.

Odd things keep happening though, doors opening, paintings moving, photo albums go missing. It is almost a ghost story but of course, there is an explanation. One that I found even creepier! The plotting was a bit slow but I think it worked for the book, it really built up to the events at the end. I found the epilogue a little too pat but the rest of the book was fun. I almost wish I had saved it for vacation, it would have been a great diversion on our long car ride. It had a good mix of relationship tensions and mystery which made it very readable.

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