The Two Lives of Lydia Bird by Josie Silver

What a clever idea for a novel! Who doesn’t wonder what their other life could be if things went differently? I felt like Lydia was a fully developed character as was Jonah but I didn’t see what the appeal of Freddie was. When they stayed together in her “sleep”, they didn’t seem to have anything in common or a good relationship at all. The book was well written but I didn’t get any sense why they were a couple beyond that they had been together since they were young teenagers.

I also thought it was weird she never once questioned how the pills worked or talked to her doctor about it. It was some experimental drug she took a fair amount yet she never returned to the doctor or seemed to get a refill at any point despite her very unusual circumstances! I had thought that would have entered into the book more—either there were other people involved in the study (I had thought Jonah might have been) or finding out it wasn’t the pills at all or something. It was odd to use it as a plot device and then not really address any details.

That said I really enjoyed it! The author seems to have some issues around men traveling for business internationally–it was a major plot point in both of her (unrelated) novels.

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