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Welcome to Weaving: The Modern Guide by Lindsey Campbell

As you may have noticed over on Instagram, I’ve taught myself how to weave by using Lindsey Campbell’s book, Welcome to Weaving: The Modern Guide and her online classes. It’s really kept me too busy to be updating here and other places! You can’t be blogging and tweeting when both hands are full.

I first became interested in weaving after seeing this piece about weaving during the pandemic by Nikita Richardson. I have sewn, knitted, crocheted and embroidered and decoupaged in the past but I really wanted something new. Weaving has really hit that for me. It can be as large or as complicated as you want, it’s fairly quick and involves lots of color and textures which I enjoy.

Campbell’s book was recommended in the piece and is the best one I’ve come across. I tried some other frame loom books (I checked everything out of the library before buying it–thanks curbside pick up!) that did not work for me. I especially like the book as a companion to her downloadable classes, there are good written instructions and step by step directions. I normally have trouble working from a book (or video) but even as an absolute beginner it was easy to get started and I made my first piece in just a few hours.

I highly recommend it if you are interested at all in frame loom weaving. Unlike knitting and crochet there are no abbreviations to keep track of or tricky patterns. Campbell presents all of the techniques in projects in a very clear and straightforward way. I started out using odds and ends of yarn that I had from projects from years ago and a simple portable loom. She even gives instructions on building your own loom in the second book.

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