graphic novel / review

Crushing: An Illustrated Misadventure in Love and Loneliness by Sophie Burrows

I’ve been on a big graphic memoir kick lately! I read eight in a single week in December and am trying to make a real effort to keep up with graphic novels. There are so many good ones written by women out there!

I loved Crushing! It’s not a memoir but a sort of sad-sweet story of two lonely people living their lives feeling isolated even when they are amongst people in very social situations.

There are very few words in the book but they really aren’t needed, the story is beautifully told through the drawings.

I liked how it ended on a high note, I was a little worried there for minute!

Highly recommend, especially if you are new to graphic novels and want one that is really heavy on the drawings.

It’s out today wherever books are sold so take time to check it out and follow Emily Burrows on Instagram.

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