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All Her Little Secrets by Wanda M. Morris


I liked  All Her Little Secrets well enough. I liked the characters. I thought the storyline was clever and the mystery wasn’t too mysterious but it was fairly well-paced even with the flashbacks.

A few things bothered me. I was puzzled why the single section from Sam’s point of view was basically a spoiler for the next chapter. That made the next chapter seem very anti-climatic despite being written in a dramatic way.

I could never figure out old was Ellice supposed to be. The book had to take place post-2016 because of the political storylines and but she was a high school student in 1979. That would put her in at least her mid-50s. Were she and her brother supposed to be that old? Not that 50s is elderly but a lot of the interactions and discussion made it seem like she was supposed to be a much younger woman and her brother and his friends seemed young. She’s climbing through windows with ease. There is racism at play but she seems even when thinking about her own career to be earlier in it than you’d think someone less than 10 years from retirement would be.  Sometimes I wonder if authors start a book and then revise and publish it much later and don’t pick up that their characters would have aged in the meantime and they need to fix that. At the very least I wouldn’t have pinpointed the flashbacks to a specific year.

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