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Flying Solo by Linda Holmes

Most of Flying Solo was cute enough but what was the point of the duck heist “caper”. It dragged on forever and wasn’t particularly funny or well-paced. It almost felt like the whole point was to drag the brother up from NYC but why? It didn’t add any value to the storyline or give depth to the characters. It might have worked better if the main character was someone who needed to learn how to stand up for herself. That was not the case at all here.

The story of a single woman without kids learning about her also single woman without kids great aunt’s life really was enough. The duck could have been in there, and there even could have been a scammy antiques dealer but the “caper” was flatter than a mystery in a poorly written children’s book. The last confrontation with the con artist didn’t make a ton of sense either. 

Maybe it is the sophomore slump? I felt like her first book was fairly cute! This had potential and wasted it. Is there going to be a duck theme to all her books? It takes place in the same world as Evvie Drake did.

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