books I read this month

What I Read in August

The New Neighbor by Karen Cleveland (not good)

One’s Company by Ashley Hutson (strange but ok)

Lovely Girls by Margot Hunt (ok but had a very silly finale twist)

Wrong Place, Wrong Time by Gillian McAllister (really more of a romance??)

NSFW by Isabel Kaplan (oddly lightweight and forgettable)

What’s Coming to Me by Francesca Padilla (eh)

The Family Remains by Lisa Jewell (She actually tweeted to me that this is the last one about this house/family and I am glad)

You’re Invited by Amanda Jayatissa (ok mystery, fun location)

All Good People Here by Ashley Flowers (a little predictable and had a cliffhanger)

Grocery Shopping with my Mother by Kevin Powell (very pop culture heavy for a book of poems)

Apple Crush by Lucy Knisley (I continue to dislike Knisley’s family)

Hokuloa Road by Elizabeth Hand (bad ending but a fun book)

Dear Fran, Love Dulcie: Life and Death in the Hills and Hollows of Bygone Australia Published by Victoria Twead (this was a wild ride, I thought something was weird the whole time but still wasn’t prepared for the afterward)

The Soulmate by Sally Hepworth (a lot of twists but I felt like they let one thread drop)

High School by Tegan and Sara Quin (the OG Canadian teenage dirtbags)

Meet Me by the Fountain: An Inside History of the Mall by Alexandra Lange (uneven)

The Counselors by Jessica Goodman (solid, glad I never went to camp)

Acts of Violet by Margarita Montimore (cute! I enjoy sister drama)

The Boys by Katie Hafner (strange twist but easy to figure out, still enjoyable)

They’ll Never Catch Us by Jessica Goodman (solid, glad I was never on the track team)

Brownsville by Jake Allen (illustrator) and Neil Kleid (writer) (ok)

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