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Dirty Laundry by Disha Bose

I liked the idea of Dirty Laundry—Irish small town drama, yes please!—but it was really shallow. We were told a lot about what the characters had done but there was little to no reflection or depth to the story.

I also found the ending a little confusing. There was a scene when Parth (spoiler ahead) takes the prescription bottle and pours out the wine next to the body and leaves. But then we find out Ciara’s husband has cameras all over the house and sees Mishti take the bottle and hopes she uses it for leverage with Parth. Both can’t be true!

I would have liked more backstory on Laura, she was sent to live with her grandmother as a child, and truly seemed unhinged in a way she didn’t acknowledge to herself.

Mishti was the most fleshed out but her storylines basically went nowhere just like everyone else’s stories.

I don’t think the author should have made Ciara an influencer. That didn’t seem real at all. I can see other women in the village maybe think she was glamorous (?) but to be able to have a massive income from showing her skin care routine and buying a house with the money? She’d have to be very popular outside this little Irish village.

Ciara was the most one note character of them all. No motivations, no real thoughts, just bad behavior. It’s not a spoiler that she’s the victim but she was alive for most of the book and we got zero insight into who she was besides unkind to her husband for no reason (she sarcastically rebuffs him when he says he’s home to help etc but why, we never seek him be anything but pleasant) who was also an incredibly flat character.

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