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Groupies by Sarah Priscus

High hopes dashed! What a boring, corny waste of a good idea. Why would you write a book like Groupies if you have no interest or knowledge of the era? I can only assume Priscus thought people were so desperate for a “new” Daisy Jones and the Six that no one would notice it didn’t really make sense.

Was the sole research a showing of Almost Famous? It could have been fun if it seemed authentic or if anyone had any personality. It almost had a sense of being an ‘80s Regan-era reactionary cautionary tale. Don’t do drugs and sleep with rock stars or you might end up in jail until you’re 50!

The repeating of the main character’s being unfamiliar with “woman’s lib” was so strange. What? Why? The fact that she was a dropout from a liberal arts woman’s college in the 1970s made that seem even stranger. Why would she choose that college in the first place? How would she avoid talk of feminism once she was there?

It was like 2022’s Go Ask Alice.

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