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This Is Not a Pity Memoir by Abi Morgan


This Is Not a Pity Memoir was, instead, a slightly meandering but interesting memoir. I truly don’t know how she managed to produce and write a tv show during all this.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to have your partner come out of a coma and insist that you are an imposter. It sounds wild but is apparently true*. Then she gets breast cancer and has to go through that treatment while all this and Covid is going on.

I’ll be honest and say I was disappointed they seem to still be together. Is The Split a bit of wish fulfillment? Her husband sounded like he was kind of a jerk even when he was healthy. He never wanted to marry her, he might have had an affair, he seemed very negative toward her all the time. He did seem like a good (or fun) dad to the kids but a real dud of a partner. He didn’t seem to work much, largely bit roles in movies she worked on. She forgot to thank him in her Emmy speech and he held it against her for years. He kept a running list of things he didn’t like about her on his computer that she found when she had to pay the bills. I don’t think their couples therapy at any point helped. I really wanted her to come out of this single and thriving.

*is it awful to say I have doubts? He seems like the type to really commit to the bit.

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