books I read this month

Books I read in November

Fatty Fatty Boom Boom: A Memoir of Food, Fat, and Family by Rabia Chaudry (no)

Dying of Politeness by Geena Davis (great!)

Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing by Matthew Perry (he really told on himself)

Foster by Claire Keegan (good, too short)

Small Game by Blair Braverman (good, I see on Goodreads some people didn’t understand it)

The Distant Echo by Val McDermid (good but I thought the show was better)

Someday, Maybe by Onyi Nwabineli (good, sad)

The Girls Who Disappeared by Claire Douglas (eh)

The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man by Paul Newman and others (interesting)

Speak, Okinawa: A Memoir by Elizabeth Miki Brina (not great)

The Hot Brown: Louisville’s Legendary Open-Faced Sandwich by Albert W. A. Schmid (did not need to be a book!)

Are You Sara? by S.C. Lalli (good premise but bad)

White Horse by Erika T. Wurth (good but needed to tighten up)

Acceptance: A Memoir By Emi Nietfeld (didn’t sit right)

The Stranger Diaries: Harbinder Kaur #1 by Elly Griffiths

Postscript Murders: Harbinder Kaur #2 by Elly Griffiths (fun little series)

It Won’t Always Be Like This by Malaka Gharib (good)

Hello, New York: An Illustrated Love Letter to the Five Boroughs by Julia Rothman (cute)

Bleeding Heart Yard: Harbinder Kaur #3 by Elly Griffiths (I wonder if there will be more)

Have I Told You This Already?: Stories I Don’t Want to Forget to Remember by Lauren Graham (she writes like she talks which can work)

Signal Fires by Dani Shapiro (disappointing)

I Know Who You Are by Alice Feeney (bad,

A Living Remedy by Nicole Chung (sad)

The Vanishing Triangle: The Murdered Women Ireland Forgot by Claire McGowan (interesting, a little rambling)

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