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Vanishing Fleece: Adventures in American Wool by Clara Parkes

Vanishing Fleece was fairly interesting but I can’t get over that she built a career of writing about yarn but never, until this book, knew much about how it was made? I still don’t know how much she knows, a lot of the details are a little glossed over—she talks about things like ply, staple length, machinery, and so on but doesn’t seem to focus on the details. It was all very surface-level.

She finally did learn more about yarn and how it’s made by visiting mills and dyers around the country. The people were largely interesting and very gracious to her. I liked learning about the mill that made the string for baseballs.

I found it odd that she didn’t seem super pleased with the final yarn and admitted she didn’t love the color or the texture of the samples. After basically a year of researching making yarn, she just agreed to whatever? I find this woman mystifying.

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